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Λογισμικά για CAD

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CAD, Drawing & Painting Tools


([CM] Commercial, [SR] Shareware, [GPL] GPL)


NEW 3Dshare [CM] -- Intranet-based CAD file translation and repair solution.
NEW aiSee -- calculates a customizable layout of graphs specified in GDL.
angela! [GPL] -- a mouse-driven editor to help you creating graphs.
AOCP -- enhanced version of Deluxe Paint IIe v3.0.
ARCAD 3D [CM] -- a powerful CAAD program focused on 3D.
Artstream [CM] -- a full featured vector illustration and page layout system for scalable output.
bomb [GPL] -- an interactive graphics program.
CADDA [CM] -- 2/3D Engineering CAD/CAM software for toolmaking, mouldmaking and mechanical engineering.
CAM Expert [CM] -- CAD / CAM System for engraving and LASER cutting.
NEW Canvas [CM] -- vector drawing, technical illustration, image editing, etc. in one application.
CEDRAT's Software [CM] -- a complete line of CAD programs for electromechanical and thermal engineering.
CYCAS [CM] -- an architectural software for drafting and design in 2/3D.
Dia [GPL] -- gtk+ based drawing program similar to 'Visio' on MS-Windows.
Dive -- a internet-based multi-user virtual reality system.
draw-call-graph [GPL] -- transforms a call graph in text form into postscript or LaTeX source file.
Drawing editors based on ivtools -- extensions to InterViews and its drawing editor (idraw).
Drawtool [GPL] -- read in simple vector geometry from stdin and displays it in a gtk window.
EMA-XPS [GPL] -- a hybrid graphic expert system shell.
EnvDraw -- an environment diagramming package.
ffGraph [GPL] -- a C++ class library to create, manipulate and display 2 or 3 dimensional directed graphs.
Freedom*Of*Choice*CAD (LinuxCAD) [CM] -- AutoCAD like Computer Aided design tool.
FreeDesigner [GPL] -- a project to develop a fully extendable CAD application.
FREEdraft [GPL] -- a simple 2D mechanical cad system.
gCAD [GPL] -- a new and simple 2D CAD program for GNOME.
GEF -- a Java library for developing connected graph user interfaces.
Gfig -- a "vector like" drawing plug-in for the gimp.
GIGVIZ [CM] -- 3D design visualization software for designers, engineers, architects and CAD users.
GILT [GPL] -- a vector drawing program merging GIMP and OpenGL.
The GIMP [GPL] -- a Ph*t*Shop-alike photo-editing, painting, and image manipulation package.
Ginger (under development) -- an interactive graph editor.
Graph Applet -- a basic tool for playing around with graphs.
NEW Graphtool [GPL] -- create several types of graphs, data representations and equations.
Graph Layout Toolkit [CM] -- customizable graph layout technology to application developers.
GraphEd -- graph editor with support for graph grammars.
Graphlet -- a toolkit for implementing graph editors and graph drawing algorithms.
graphviz -- tools for viewing and interacting with graph diagrams.
GTKFIG -- a figure/scheme drawing tool.
GTool [GPL] -- a program to draw and analyze graphs.
GYVE [GPL] -- a project to develop a drawing program in the spirit of Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw.
Hydra -- distributed multi-user computer aided physics and engineering package.
Interactive Graph Drawing -- a Java-based system for doing interactive graph drawing on the WWW.
IPAD [SR] -- an interactive GUI vector drawing package based on a multiplatform tool.
Ipe -- a drawing editor for creating figures for LaTeX documents.
ICAADS CAD Systems [CM] -- a set of high-end software for CAD and AEC applications.
jsplot -- an interactive drawing and charting tool.
KIllustrator [GPL] -- a vector-based drawing application for KDE.
LDS Draw -- a Logical Data Structure (LDS) editor.
LeoCAD [GPL] -- a CAD application that uses plastic building bricks.
ME10 [CM] -- a professional 2D drafting package for CAD applications.
MicroStation 95 [CM] -- professional software for enterprise-scale engineering projects.
The NELSIS CAD Framework -- enables tool integrators to build design engineering environments.
OCTREE -- a drawing, modelling, and visualisation package focused on architecture.
NEW OpenJGraph [GPL] -- Java graph and graph drawing library.
PadDraw -- a zoomable drawing application written using the Pad++ widget.
Picasso -- an interactive drawing tool based on Tcl/Tk.
NEW PIGALE -- a graph editor and algorithm library concerned with planar graphs.
PO [SR] -- Linux svgalib painting program.
QCad [GPL] -- a powerful and easy to use CAD program using DXF as standard file format.
NEW Quadrant Draw [GPL] -- an object-oriented drawing utility.
SISCAD-P [CM] -- 2D CAD system for engineers.
Sketch [GPL] -- an interactive drawing program for Linux.
Slidedraw [GPL] -- a drawing program in Tcl/Tk for presentation slides.
NEW Sodipodi [GPL] -- a small Vector based drawing program.
SolidWorks Java Viewer -- view native SolidWorks. parts, drawings, and assembly files.
TCM [GPL] -- a suite of graphical editors.


TCMJava -- a suite of specification editors for TCM.
Tgif -- interactive 2D drawing facility.
tkdraw -- a very simple drawing tool.
Tkpaint -- a vector drawing and graphics program based on Tcl/Tk.
VariCAD [CM] -- a mechanical engineering CAD system.
Varimetrix [CM] -- a suite of CAD/CAM/CAE software modules for the design and manufacture of complex mechanical components and assemblies.
VCG TOOL -- reads a textual specification of a graph and visualizes the graph.
VGJ [GPL] -- a tool for graph drawing and graph layout written in Java.
VRMLplot.m -- a MATLAB macro for generating 3D VRML graphs and animations.
Unidraw -- a C++ class library for 2D structured graphics, dataflow, etc.
Xfig -- a tool that allows user to manipulate objects interactively.
XPaint -- simple color image editing tool.
XTrkCad [CM] -- a computer aided layout design program for model railroaders.
YADE [GPL] -- an extensible and configurable program for editing different kinds of diagrams.

Also Check Out:
Argo/UML -- an object-oriented design tool with cognitive support.
daVinci -- an interactive graph visualiztion system.
SvLis -- a C++ and set-theoretic kernel geometric modeller.
VARKON -- open general purpose interactive modeling system.



3Dom --- a 3D object modeler designed to create scenes for rendering programs.
3dPM [GPL] -- a modeller for POV-RAY using Qt.
AC3D [SR] -- simple to use 3D modeller.
ACIS [CM] -- 3D modeling system provides curve, surface, and solid in an OO architecture.
AERO -- tool for simulation and visualization of rigid-body systems.
AL -- a programming language for modeling and animation.
AlaDyn-3D -- dynamic simulation system with deformation and interactions.
Blender -- 3D design and animation software.
NEW breplibrary [GPL] -- topological data structure implementation for representing surface of 3D solid.
BRL-CAD -- Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) based solid modeling system.
BspSolid -- a powerful polyhedra solid modeling library.
EQUINOX -- a 3D software package.
Extreme Wave [GPL] -- a project to create a feature rich, extensible 3D modeling environment.
Font3D -- build 3D model with any TrueType font.
GIG3DGO [CM] -- a sophisticated 3D modeling, animation and rendering software.
Giram >[GPL] -- a POV-ray oriented modeller.
GL-Space -- a free 3-D modeler for the X window system.
Glace -- simulation and visualization of automata networks.
NEW gSculpt [GPL] -- a 3D modelling program using translational and rotational sweeps of polylines.
Innovation3D [GPL] -- a 3D modelling tool with both mesh and NURBS based modeling.
irit -- solid modeler developed for educational purposes.
K4DE [GPL] -- an editor for for the creation and manipulation of 3D objects.
kWorldEd [GPL] -- a 3d modeler for KDE in early development.
MARS -- 3D modelling animation and redering system.
Me3D [GPL] -- a polygonal 3D modeling program, intended for creating OpenGL models.
mg^2 [GPL] -- a 3D modeller using Gtk and OpenGL.
Midnight Modeller -- a GUI based interface for the POV raytracer.
Mind's Eye --- a project to develop a complete modeling/animation package.
Moonlight Atelier -- a 3D modeler and a renderer package for images creation and visual effects.
Mops -- a 3D modeling environment.
MSDL -- a scene description language for graphics research.
OGRE -- an object generatore and editor.
Open CASCADE [GPL] -- C++ components for 3D modeling applications.
NEW OpenGVS [CM] -- realtime 3D scene management software and graphics API.
NEW Parasolid [CM] -- a portable geometric modeler kernel for modeling application.
Pretty Poly [GPL] -- a cros-platform 3D model editor.
NEW Primal Form [GPL] -- a 3D modeler for UNIX under development.
Rational Reducer [CM] -- optimizing 3D models for real-time visualization.
Sced -- modeling program that makes use of geometric constraints to edit objects.
Sceda -- an enhencement to Sced.
SvLis -- a C++ and set-theoretic kernel geometric modeller.
VARKON [GPL] -- open general purpose interactive modeling system.
Virtuoso [GPL] -- an idea for a 3D modeling/animation/rendering package for Linux.
WorldEd -- a 3d modeller for KDE.

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