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AUTODESK : Everything about AutoCAD


CADALOG.COM : A huge CAD community. Free Downloads, Shareware files.


CADALYST MAGAZINE ON-LINE : One of the best magazines in the area. Free download (lisp code, etc). : One of the best  portals in the field. Free download, tutorials. Covers subjects for CAD/CAM/CAE.


CADENCE MAGAZINE ON-LINE : Another one of the best magazines. Free downloads


DotSoft :DotSoft exists since 1988, that develops relative applications with CAD. Her mission is to provide solutions of low cost and simultaneously high quality of software.


3D CAFE : Contains information of all CAD applications including  Tutorials and everything you need to work in CAD.

CADOPOLIS : One of the best CAD portals. Free download, tutorials.


CAD INFO : Data base for subroutines AutoLisp.

ARCHIdigm : Solutions for architectural designing.


AUGI : ΑutoCAD User's Group International

CAD STUDIO : A site  that offers Free download, utilities etc.


THE CAD DEPOT : The Best CAD Shareware-Freeware


BETTER THAN NOTHING LISP : Everything relative to Lisp.


This company develops some very useful utilities. Be sure to check out their Block Manager program (free demo).


AutoCAD EXAMS : Check how much you know Autocad




CAM - Computer Aided Manufacturing


SURFWARE, Inc. targets mold making, prototyping, pattern making, and production machining applications.
Ascendant Technologies CAD/CAM for Windows - is a CNC Code editor designed specifically for editing, numerical control files, for a wide range of manufacturer machine tool controls
AUTO-CODE Mechanical - NC-AUTO-CODE™ and AUTO-CODE™ are two advanced NC/CNC programming
AlphaCAM APS CAD/CAM for Windows - Licom Systems are the creators of AlphaCAM and APS programming systems for CNC machine tools.
ArtCAMCAD/CAM-system for engraving 3D reliefs (only sold in the Netherlands).
CADAM 2x Mill and Lathe CAM software.
CAMAX Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. software company dedicated to the development of CAM software to CNC applications.
dCLEARGuis Software, Inc. - Visual Machine Time
Delcam International PLC - A CAD/CAM software developer and distributer.
D.P. Technology Corporation - CAD/CAM software developer featuring wire-EDM, milling, and lathe solutions.
EdgeCAM the very best manufacturing system in Windows NT & Windows 2000 for machine shops
EnRoute - signmaking, graphic design, large format color printing, machining and textile production.
GRAFTEK The source for fully integrated CAD/CAM/CAE systems...
Intercim Numerical Control Products.
Mastercam is a PC-based, mechanical CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing) system.
MetalMan solid modeling software for mechanical design and manufacturing industries, using a virtual fabrication metaphor.
N/C Software, Inc. Developers and distributers of a full line of numerical control programming products.
OPEN MIND - THE CAM COMPANY Developer of CAM software solutions int the mold, model, tool & die industries.
Predator Software Inc. Software developer targeting shop floor automation.
Software Magic tools to users of numerical control equipment.
Sirius Systems Corporation NC Verify product graphically simulates the material removal process by updating the stock shape as the cutter moves along the toolpath and produces the final part.
SouthWest CAD/CAM, Inc. targets Solid Modeling, 3,4 & 5 Axis N/C Programming, Detailed Drafting from Models and Manufacturing Process Development"
SURFCAM targets mold making, prototyping, pattern making, and production machining applications. 
The Tech Group General CAM system for 2-3 axis Milling, Turning and Mill-Turn
TechnoCAM a small company specialized in programming of applications CAD/CAM,
TekSoft, Inc developer of Windows-based CAD/CAM software. Available: company profile, product descriptions, tech tips, customer and dealer support, and more.
Varimetrix Corp. a cost effective suite of CAD/CAM/CAE software modules for the design and manufacture of complex mechanical components and assemblies.
Virtual Gibbs CAD/CAM software developer
Visual Machine Time a CNC lathe cycle time estimating software package written for Windows 95

CAD - Computer Aided Design

Adra full-featured yet easy-to-use solid modeler that is so intuitive and natural in its implementation
Advanced CAD/CAM - Engineering / Drafting support organization for all CAD related software and hardware platforms.
Ashlar Vellum serves the world's engineers and designers with Computer-Aided-Design software products that vastly simplify and streamline the design drafting process.
AUTODESK (AUTOCAD) leading supplier of computer-aided design and desktop multimedia software, the world's fifth largest PC-software company
BioSculptor®computer accuracy produces custom fitted prosthetics
CAD Design Advantage, Inc. is a Product, Tool & Machine designer. We also provide Modeling, Rapid Prototyping, Stereolithography and FDM work. Engineering and Drafting for the Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Products and Medical industries. Patent Drawings, Casting design, Inventions drawings are designed on Unigraphics and Autocad.
Cadkey, Inc develops, manufactures, and markets productivity-enhancing Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software for personal computers worldwide.
CADMAX TrueSurf Master combines Hidden Line Design with NURBS surface modeling to deliver high performance 3D software for designing and detailing complex Mechanical parts
Cal-Cad Computerized Design Drafting Services, AutoCad, Temp Personnel, Cad Operators
The CAD/CAM World
DesignCAD full line of CAD software available
DynaCADD for Windows® 95 and Windows® NT is a 2D/3D package for the professional CAD designer
Douglas CAD/CAM Professional System A suite of quality design tools for the professional engineer.
FastCAD There are a lot of CAD companies around today. But only one sets the standards for speed, performance, ease of use and economy - Evolution Computing.
Form.Z 3D form synthesizer
GRAFTEK The source for fully integrated CAD/CAM/CAE systems...
GMPcad a CAD CAM software running on Windows platform
HVACp Run inside AutoCAD to parametrically draws two- and three-dimensional HVAC ductwork
EUCLIDCAD/CAM/CAE system targeted at the mechanical and process plant design markets.
EMSMechanical Design by Intergraph
HLB Technology 3rd Party Developer for CADKEy, MicroStation and AutoCAd.
Fractal Design multi-platform graphic software
ICEM Technologies ntegrated Computer-aided Engineering and Manufacturing.
Intergraph on Line supplier of mechanical design automation (CAD/CAM/CAE) software, product data management (PDM/PIM) software, and engineering services
MetalMan solid modeling software for mechanical design and manufacturing industries, using a virtual fabrication metaphor.
MICROCADAM, Inc.Developer of Mechanical CAD/CAM software products, from 2D to Solids through to Manufacturing Solutions.
MicroStation Bentley offers a complete family of professional engineering and design solutions.
MLC CAD Systems Value-added-reseller for Texas and surrounding states
MiniCAD CAD For the MAC
Parametric Technology Corporationis the CAD/CAM/CAE industry's leading supplier of software tools used to automate the mechanical development of a product from its conceptual design through its release into manufacturing.
SDRC - Structural Dynamics Research Corporation
Unigraphics Division of EDS CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM
Pegasus Software Solutions, Inc. - CAD/CAM PC design systems
Precision Concepts - a forum for technical service and sales for CAD/CAM/CAE software and hardware.
QikDraw CAD - Microsoft & X11 Windows : Professional 2D & 3D CAD software.
SolidWorks - solid modeling mechanical design
Softdesk - computer-aided design (CAD) application software for a multitude of design and engineering disciplines
SwissPrecision / Engineer® - is an integrated, leading-edge CAD/CAM/EDM solution featuring new-generation solid modeling, industrial-strength drafting
TurboCAD - The easiest path to precision drawing and drafting without any compromise in CAD power and performance. Over 100 tools deliver easy-to-use "Drag and Drop" drawing with the precision of CAD.
TrueCAD - is a powerful and very easy to use 2D CAD for Windows
Varimetrix Corp. a cost effective suite of CAD/CAM/CAE software modules for the design and manufacture of complex mechanical components and assemblies.
Visio CAD - Visio Technical includes more than 2,000 SmartShapes on over 70 task-specific stencils
Visual CADD - Low cost but functional CAD

DNC - Direct Numerical Control

CNC-DNC Multi DNC system is a powerful shop floor communications solution for CNC manufacturing and CNC Programming. Direct Numerical Control - DNC software for CNC Machines, CNC Machine Monitoring and Electronic Shop Travelers
DLoG Remex Inc. specializes in computer based networking solutions for manufacturing companies, DNC, Shop Floor Scheduling and Work Order Scheduling.
Pathtrace Systems Inc. A company dedicated to providing the very best Windows NT & Windows 95 CAM & DNC System in the world for machine shops
Spectrum CNC Technologies A company dedicated to providing the very best Windows NT & Windows 95 CAM & DNC Systems.
CIMNET Automation Systems Shop Floor Control, Scheduling, SPC, DNC, Job Tracking, Labor, Tracking, Document Management, Machine Monitoring, Data Collection, BTRs and other equipment for machine communication and network installation.
Facit CNC Program handling devices.
EDS*DNC Electronic Data Systems * Distributed Numerical Control System
Memex Electronics Inc. Memex specializes in Fanuc CNC Memory Upgrades, BTRs and shop floor DNC systems.
Predator Software Inc. Software developer targeting shop floor automation.
Shop Floor Automations, Inc. Provides manufacturers and machine shops with fully implemented, open architecture DNC solutions.

Miscellaneous Software

Ansoft Corporation 2D and 3D software for signal integrity analysis.
Berkeley Software Design, Inc. Providers of unix software
COMCOM Systems, Inc. world leading provider of PC based forms processing and imaging.
Environmental Systems Technology a software program that will enable you to calculate all costs involved with cleaning any size building.
McAfee Anti-virus software
The Mathworks, Inc. Numeric computation software for engineers
ObjectSoft Corporation OLE Broker is an on-line mall and subscription service for Windows developers and power users.
Safetynet Security and AntiVirus - Free Evals, Inc. Internet E-Mail Server Solutions
Software Net Software Catalog
Wilson Windowware Windows 3.1 & 3.5 NT Editor for Programmers


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