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Recent Research Projects


  • "TLS-PRO: New Terrestrial Laser Scan (TLS) data processing methods for vertical applications»" Funding: 100K €.

  • “3D-SYSTEK, Development of a novel system for 3D Documentation, Promotion and Exploitation of Cultural Heritage Monuments via 3D data acquisition, 3D modeling and metadata recording, “Cooperation” framework. Consortium with FORTH and Astrolavos S.A. Scientific Coordinator for DML partner., 2011-2014, Funding: 141,5K € (for DML).

  •  “Development of 3D web representations of small objects and 3D web virtual tours for SME”, Vouchers for SME’s framework, GSRT, 2011, Funding: 7K €.

  • “Digitization of  the Olive Museum of Vouves”, (,  Crete Region, 2010, Funding: 50K €.

  • “Support of Cultural Heritage unit, focused on 3D technologies for Churches and Monument digitization”. Crete Region. 2007-2009, Funding: 129K €.

  • “Scaffolds production by nanofibers and Electrospinning – Nano Spin”,  Interegg III – Greece – Cyprus, 2007-2008, Funding: 165K € (for DML).  

  •  “New Reverse Engineering algorithms for scaffolds production”, Archimedes II framework, 2005-2006, Funding: 50K €.

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