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Cultural Heritage

Olive Museum Vouves

From the moment that the Design & Manufacturing Laboratory (DML) of TEI Crete, took over the Digitization Project of the Olive Tree Museum of Vouves, a commission by the Municipality of Kolymvari, we were faced with a big challenge: How would the digitization of the museum take place, using cutting edge technology which would be internationally recognizable, in order to globally promote the «local», without altering it. How would the different forms of technology be combined, for the purpose of promoting our cultural heritage. This was also the goal of Mayor, Mr. Polychronis Polychronidis, who was the founder of the Olive Tree Museum of Vouves.


For the above reasons, the Design & Manufacturing Laboratory (DML) of TEI Crete made use of its latest technology and experience gained from successful similar projects. The innovatine results which came about from this project and are available on the museum website are:


  1. 3D model of the trunk of the Monumental Olive Tree of Vouves. The exact geometry of the tree trunk’s inside and outside is recorded. The DML used the latest reverse engineering techniques based on the two lazer scanners available in the lab.
  2. 3D Spherical panoramas 360°, inside the Monumental Olive Tree of Vouves and nearby sites. The user can pay a virtual visit inside of the Monumental Olive Tree of Vouves, just like actually being there. This specific panorama, apart from appearing on the museum website, can also be found on Google Earth (360 cities), with simultaneous projection of a satellite map.
  3. Virtual Tour of the Olive Tree Museum of Vouves. This is an interactive virtual tour of the museum, through spherical panoramas 360° and other multimedia, used for recording the interior and the exterior of the museum. This way, the user pays a virtual visit to the museum, as if being there, with the ability to move around, examine the exhibits, tour the museum, observe and gain information, while getting a full 3D experience at the same time.
  4. 3D models of selected museum exhibits. 3D models of great precision were created, using 45 selected museum exhibits. For each one of these exhibits the user enjoys a 3D presentation, with the ability to revolve them, take them apart (explode view) and get on-line measurements and sections.

The website of the Olive Tree Museum of Vouves also includes high resolution photographs, background processing of all the selected exhibits, photographs and videos from events and special documentaries, Google map of the location and a contact form.


The team of the Digitization Project:


  • Dr. Manolis Maravelakis, DML Director, Project Manager
  • George Tzatzanis, DML Research Associate, 360ο panoramas, Virtual tour
  • Nikos Bolanakis, DML Research Associate, 3D Modeling
  • Myrto Kontomitaki, Museologist, Art Historian, Artistic Direction.
  • Dr. Antonios Konstantaras, Assistant Professor TEI Crete, Parallel Processing of 3D data.
  • Stavros Boutalis, 3D modeling of exhibits
  • Haralampos Korovesis, 3D modeling of exhibits
  • Irini Mantzorou, 3D modeling of the monumental olive tree
  • NextStep, Web design & hosting


Our warmest thanks to Mayor, Mr. Polychronis Polychronidis, for his vital contribution throughout the whole project, as well as to his team, Irini Koukoula, Anna Kakavelaki and Zaharia Malliaraki, for their invaluable help. We would also like to thank Mrs Katerina Karapataki and her family for her hospitality during the whole period of the project.


For more info you can contact Dr. Manolis Maravelakis



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